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Javascript Layout Hacks

22 February 2017

Sometimes CSS falls short in achieving the desired layout. I've recently refactored a handful of Javascript Layout Hacks I've regularly re-used as CommonJS modules and made them available via NPM.


Git + GitHub Cheat Sheet

16 December 2016

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with another developer on a project. Being somewhat more comfortable with Git than was my collaborator, I took the lead on source control. What follows is a quick and dirty cheat sheet I wrote for the basics of a Git + GitHub workflow.


Website work cycle

15 December 2016

I had a very busy spring and summer this year. Since then, I, along with my clients and collaborators have being doing post-mortems on some of these projects and trying to figure out how we can improve our processes.

What follows is an outline I drafted for an improved process.


WordPress Dev Strategy - Part One: Setup

26 October 2016

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WordPress isn't my favourite platform to develop on, but WordPress development often pays the bills for me. In part one of a series I'm going to discuss how I set up my local machine for WordPress development, building the foundation for a process that improves my workflow and makes WordPress more fun.


Getting Set Up for Development on OS X

3 April 2016

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I recently found myself collaboration on a project with a developer who had just made the switch to Mac after developing for years on Windows machines. He wanted some advice on how to get up and running. I sent him the following:


Freelance Work

24 July 2015

It's been a busy, busy few months and with paid work on the go it's been hard to keep up with my personal portfolio page. I've learned so, so much more as an independent contractor than I ever did in school. With a few regular clients and a couple of mentors I've been blessed with numerous opportunities to work in a variety of frameworks and see the software architecture of a number of big projects.


Holiday Reading

17 February 2015

Over the Course of the holidays I read through a few more titles from A Book Apart. It's taken me a little while to get around to posting about them, but hopefully I can still remember enough to make relevant commentary.


Typography Books

4 December 2014

I decided to read a couple of books on typography as I knew that was a weak point for me when it comes to design. I suppose I knew what particularly bad typography looked like but when it came to choosing fonts for my own projects I haven't really known what to look for. Sans serif is easier to read on the web, right?


PHP and Me

2 December 2014

A week or three ago I made it my goal to create a login system and a database so that I might update my blog through a homemade CMS rather than tweak the html every time.


Books, Books, Books

18 November 2014

Voracious reader that I am I've been doing my best to supplement the course material I've been given with other texts to help me understand the field I'm getting into. Much of this reading happens on blogs and other online publications, but I've picked up a handful of books too. Some of these have been particularly good reads, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on them. Here they are in reverse chronological order.