A week or three ago I made it my goal to create a login system and a database so that I might update my blog through a homemade CMS rather than tweak the html every time.

Stubbornly, I attempted to write all the PHP code myself the way I had done with JavaScript. I did succeed in building a functional system, but all the reading I had done let me know that my own login system was woefully insecure.

After attempting to borrow code from a few different sources I found a system that worked. The PHP-LOGIN project gave me a few different options, with varying levels of complexity which I could pick apart and plug into my own site.

It seems to me that PHP isn't nearly as fun as JavaScript, but that's probably because the results aren't up-front and visual. In the end I'm proud of the back-end functionality I've built into the site, but it took a little more time and effort to get to that "whoa, neat-o" moment.

And of course I had to polish up the results with more CSS and JavaScript.