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Bare Bones Code

4 November 2014

When looking for instructions on how to accomplish something in Javascript I inevitably find that someone else has already found a solution. But when I try to figure out how they did it, all I see is a wall of sparsely documented code that seems like overkill for the problem I'm trying to solve.


JavaScript Learning Curve

22 October 2014

I've dabbled in web development before. I've also dabbled in object oriented programming before. I'm a dabbler. After a brief reintroduction to HTML5 and CSS3 I was off and running, and within a couple of days I was impressing myself with what I could achieve. I fully expected JavaScript to go just as well, but it's proving to be a little hairier.


Drowning in Bookmarks

16 October 2014

Six weeks into my WebDev course I am amazed at the volume of online resources available to me. It shouldn't be surprising that the web community has a web presence but the number of plugins, e-books, frameworks, code libraries, etc makes it hard to know what topic to pursue next.